Exclusive features of FACT Accreditation

Exclusive features of FACT Accreditation

  • Samples must have at least 85% cell viability.
  • Clinical history of first-degree relatives is requested.
  • Specific procedures are defined with regard to the transfer of samples in case the bank ceases / suspends its activity.
  • Records must be maintained indefinitely.
  • In case of interruption of activity, FACT Accreditation is specific and defines in detail the procedures to be adopted.

Donor selection and harvest

  • FACT requires prior validation of collection kits in order to ensure adequate transport temperatures.
  • Requirements are defined for the training and education of Technicians who perform the collection of biological products, namely in handling the kit, disinfection techniques, identification and verification of the donor’s identity.


  • Definition of different maximum periods for starting processing, for samples for autologous / related and allogeneic use.
  • Requirements related to storage in cryobags. Definition of tubing segments (3), size and volume to be saved, number of maternal blood samples and respective storage conditions.
  • Defines minimum criteria for the recovery rate of nucleated cells on thawing (> 60%).
  • FACT defines that, at least 3 samples / year, must be tested to ensure that the procedures established ensure a quality of the samples with therapeutic utility.

Distribution of blood and cord samples:

  • Clinical patient data after cell transplantation are required, namely on the recovery rate of viable nucleated cells, as well as the evaluation of the transplanted patient with respect to Graft Disease against the Host (in the case of related transplant).

Source: https://cord.memberclicks.net/assets/docs/standards_and_%20accreditation.pdf


PME Líder

As we all know, Portugal is a country of micro, small and medium-sized companies. We have more than 1 million, of which small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) are more than 300,000.
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PME Excelência

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5 Stars Award

For the second consecutive year, BebéVida is distinguished by consumers with the 5 Star Award in the Cryopreservation Category.
This distinction is attributed by consumers and measures their degree of satisfaction with the products and services available.

“BebéVida was elected for the second consecutive year as the best cryopreservation company to operate in Portugal”, says Luís de Melo, director of BebéVida.”

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For several months, 952 brands were evaluated, divided into 171 different categories. But as usual, only Extraordinary brands receive the Five Stars distinction.