Exclusive features of FACT Accreditation

The FACT Standards promote improvement and progress in cellular therapy and regenerative medicine. Meeting these requirements demonstrates a commitment to controlling every aspect that impacts the quality of products and therapeutic care. With regular updates through the collaboration of the most knowledgeable minds in cellular therapy, the depth and breadth of FACT Standards are unmatched. These international requirements instill confidence in cellular therapy products from FACT accredited organizations around the world.

About the FACT Standards

The Standards are the cornerstone of the FACT accreditation program. Believing that quality care can only be achieved if both clinical and laboratory issues are effectively addressed, the FACT Standards are the only set of requirements that emphasize the clinical use of cellular therapy products collected and processed with rigorous controls.

FACT Standards are evidence-based requirements set by international teams of world-renowned experts vested in the improvement and progress of cellular therapy. Standards are developed by consensus within committees consisting of knowledgeable clinicians, scientists, technologists, and quality experts that span the entire continuum of cell manufacturing. International leaders in cellular therapy programs, cord blood banks, and registries serve on the Standards Development Committees. Liaison representation from consumers and regulatory bodies are consulted throughout the development process. This results in detailed, comprehensive Standards that address each aspect of cell manufacturing and administration that impacts the quality of products and therapeutic care.

The Standards are based upon published medical evidence whenever possible. When published data is not available, requirements are based upon accepted scientific theory. The development process includes a period for public review and comment, legal review, and approval by the FACT Board of Directors.

Fonte: https://cord.memberclicks.net/assets/docs/standards_and_%20accreditation.pdf

PME Líder

As we all know, Portugal is a country of micro, small and medium-sized companies. We have more than 1 million, of which small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) are more than 300,000.
It is with great pride that BebéVida is, for the 10th consecutive year, one of the 8000 Portuguese PME Leader that fulfills a series of very demanding criteria.

The PME Leader status is a seal of reputation associated with solidity and economic-financial performance that allows distinguished companies to relate to their surroundings – suppliers, customers, the financial system and national and regional authorities – on a basis of trust that facilitates the development of their business. At the international level, this recognition constitutes a factor of differentiation and a guarantee of the solidity and suitability of companies.


PME Excelência

For the 3rd time, BebéVida is also one of the less than 2,000 Excellence companies in Portugal, and the only one in our sector. This financial recognition proves that we are a solid company.

The PME Excellence status is awarded to PME Leaders that present higher performance levels, creating increased visibility conditions for these companies.