Advantages of saving stem cells

At the time of delivery, there are only two possible destinations for blood and umbilical cord tissue – to be stored or to be discarded.

It is up to you to decide your baby´s samples destination.

We help you make that decision. We will show you a set of advantages you will have if you choose to store these samples.

The first advantage to take into account is to know that a therapeutic option will be available for disease´s treatment.

Below you will find the rest:


Cord blood is 100% compatible with oneself and there is a 25% chance that the sample will be compatible between siblings.

With regard to cord tissue, this issue does not arises because of its low immunogenicity. Tissue mesenchymal cells can be used without compatibility between donor and recipient.

Immediate availability

Both samples are immediately available for therapy. It is important to remember that the time factor plays a major role in a treatment.

Post-Transplant Recovery

The use of Cord Blood has a better prognosis for recovery and a lower probability of incidence after transplantation. These complications can arise when we talk about therapies in which the donor and the recipient are different people.

In these cases, Mesenchymal Tissue Cells assume a vital role, since their application reduces post-transplant risks and complications. What we call the Graft Versus Host Disease.

Harvesting without risks

Blood and tissue harvests are non-invasive and painless for both mother and baby. Compared to bone marrow, this procedure is simpler.

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