Collection and Cryopreservation

Throughout the process, we use the latest scientific advances and cutting-edge technology to provide you with various processing options for blood and umbilical cord tissue samples. At the same time, and free of charge, parallel bank benefits are a plus for every family.

The parallel bank allows a set of special tests, such as: diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies, genetic tests, serological analyzes, characterization of the HLA profile or the ABO and Rh blood group of the baby, avoiding the use of the stored stem cells sample.

Cord Blood Processing

Umbilical cord blood is stored in highly resistant two-compartment cryobags for 25 years. Nowadays, keeping these samples allows you to treat more than 80 diseases.
In the laboratory using the most advanced technology, we offer two types of processing for umbilical cord blood samples: Conventional and Advanced.

To reinforce the safety of all samples, BebéVida cryopreserves in aluminum boxes and uses the Overwrap Bag.

Cord Tissue Processing

The umbilical cord tissue is rich in mesenchymal stem cells, being the object of study in hundreds of clinical trials taking place in the most diverse pathologies, all over the world. Following the same quality parameters required for blood and taking advantage of the best technology available, BebéVida processes the Cord Fabric in two different ways: Fragmented and Isolated. We are thus able to make the most of fabric and ensure the quality of the cryopreserved samples.


The entire process, procedures and equipment comply with the most demanding FACT standards and norms. BebéVida is the only laboratory in Portugal with this distinction and one of the 6 worldwide that are accredited by FACT, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.