The Laboratory

With over 2500m2 of area, the BebéVida laboratory was designed and built from the ground up to provide services in the processing, cryopreservation and storage of tissues and cells.

Located in the heart of the city of Porto, next to Casa da Música, at Av. De França, we combine a team of excellence with the most advanced cell processing and cryopreservation equipment to provide you with a top service, 365 days a year.

The BebéVida Laboratory is the only one with its own facilities, with a central building built from scratch according to the rules of anti-seismic construction.

Safety Protocol

For physical safety of the samples BebéVida ensures:

  • External reservoir of liquid nitrogen with high autonomy;
  • Automatic supply of the tanks through a vacuum cryogenic line, avoiding human intervention;
  • Alert system and permanent monitoring of the temperature of nitrogen tanks with communication via sms and e-mail;
  • 80 Kva generator with full autonomy to supply electricity and backup UPS;
  • Access control to facilities by Biometrics.

Parallel bank

In addition to the cryopreservation of blood and cord tissue, BebéVida stores a set of biological products in a Parallel Bank.
We keep maternal plasma, mother’s peripheral blood, baby’s plasma and a fragment of the umbilical cord tissue. These samples allow a set of tests to be carried out, such as: diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies, genetic tests, serological, viral and bacteriological analyzes, characterization of the HLA profile, ABO and Rh blood group of the baby, avoiding the use of stored stem cells.

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