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Umbilical Cord Blood

Analysis and processing of Umbilical Cord Blood and cryopreservation of hematopoietic stem cells. Storage is carried out in bi-compartmented bags, and viability tests, cell counting, bacteriological, fungal and viral tests are carried out on all samples.

BebéVida cryopreserves as many stem cells as possible, in every sample. Cryopreserving a larger number of stem cells can be a determining factor in the success of a cell therapy.

Umbilical Cord Tissue Fragmented

The fragmented tissue is stored in 10 vials. This processing consists of simplified treatment of the fabric, which is divided into fragments of about 2mm. In addition to the Mesenchymal Cells, we store all the cells present in the tissue, such as the Endothelial Cells.

Umbilical Cord Tissue | Isolated

The storage of the mesenchymal stem cells Isolated from umbilical cord tissue is carried out in 4 vials. Mesenchymal cells are immediately available for cell culture and expansion (if necessary). BebéVida quantifies mesenchymal cells by flow cytometry and analyzes cell viability.


Our services:
BEBÉVIDA SANGUE - Umbilical Cord Blood
BEBÉVIDA PLUS - Umbilical Cord Blood + Umbilical Cord Tissue Fragmented
BEBÉVIDA READY - Umbilical Cord Blood + Umbilical Cord Tissue Isolated
BEBÉVIDA PRIME - Umbilical Cord Blood + Umbilical Cord Tissue Fragmented + Umbilical Cord Tissue Isolated