About BebéVida

100% Portuguese

100% portuguese laboratory, based in Porto.

Sample released for application

A cryopreserved sample at BébéVida was released for use at Duke University, in the USA, in an ongoing clinical trial in children with Cerebral Palsy. The articulation between BébéVida, the family and Dr Joanne Kurtzberg from Duke University was perfect. The sample met all the requirements for therapeutic application and its transport took place with maximum safety.

In 2019, Dr Joanne Kurtzberg visited the BebéVida Laboratory. Find out more in the video below!


Acreditação FACT Netcord

The only laboratory in Portugal and in the European Union with FACT accreditation and one of the 6 private laboratories worldwide. FACT accreditation is recognized as the most relevant and complete within the cord blood banking sector. BebéVida is also licensed by DGS.

AXP Automatic Method

BebéVida uses the AXP Automatic method for blood samples processing. This is the most efficient processing method for cell recovery.

Maximum quality and safety in equipment and materials

The Cryopreservation Kit is approved by Infarmed and the FACT Accreditation guarantee the use of the best materials/components, an example of this is the Cord Blood Safety Protocol. BebéVida permanently has a reserve tank, ready to use in the event of a failure of any of the equipment in operation. Bebé Vida has its own Dryshipper, ready to use in case of need to transport the sample, thus not depending on the companies that rent these devices. The DryShipper is a small specific tank for transporting biological samples in nitrogen vapor at cryogenic temperatures.