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Prof. Luís Madero, Scientific Advisor

More than 100 transplants performed.

Stem cells

There are already more than 80 treatable diseases with cord blood stem cells and over 40,000 transplants have been performed.

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The collection of blood and cord tissue is only possible at birth, which makes this moment unique and even more special. In order to make it possible you need to have the Collection Kit.

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Services and Pricing

Price or quality? Choose both!
Find out more about our services and payment options.

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About Us

After celebrating our 15th anniversary we have been granted the most unique cord bood accreditation – FACT. Find out more about the benefits.

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When a baby is expected there is tremendous happiness but also 40 weeks of doubts and fears. Join our events and learn a little more about pregnancy, childbirth and the baby’s arrival.

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Our family

More than 40,000 families have trusted their children’s samples to BebéVida and many of them are familiar faces.
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Awards and Accreditations

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